Executive, Business, Systemic, and Team/Integrated Coaching

Executive, Business, Systemic, and Team/Integrated Coaching
A relationship formed between an executive client who has managerial authority and responsibility in an organization with a Senior Client Partner who utilizes extensive coaching techniques/methods to assist the executive client achieve a mutually identified set of goals. The client will improve his/her professional performance and personal satisfaction. The consultant will improve the effectiveness of the client’s organization within a formally defined coaching agreement.

Providing feedback and direction to an individual client or team to enable them to improve personal performance in the business setting. The Senior Client Partner will develop stakeholders, increase job satisfaction and learn new skills. Providing clarity about the business issues to include leadership mentoring.

Similar to team coaching, Systemic Coaching focuses a Team and the Leaders toward changing culture, the underlying technologies or infrastructure it uses to operate, at internal processes. The Senior Client Partner will use constructivism conversation aimed at human problem resolution, while focusing on professional interfaces and collaboration, not the individual relationships themselves.

Enabling a Team to try new behaviors in the workplace and reflect on the impact, while adopting productive habits. Building on individual assessment information, and 360-degree feedback tools will enable the Team Lead to study Disaggregated data to provide clarity for program goal setting.

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